Ulan - audiohive
Ulan - audiohive
Ulan - audiohive
Ulan - audiohive
Ulan - audiohive

Ulan - audiohive

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The very example of how a silver should sound. Endlessly extended highs that create a bright yet unintrusive presentation. Coupled with perfectly linear bass extension for an impactful yet accurate bass response not typically found in silver. With neither a warm nor cold cast, experience a level of neutrality, effortless resolution and timbral intergrity that only a perfectly balanced tuning of silver can achieve.

Technical Specs:
Product Name: Ulan
Brand: audiohive
Material: 25awg 5N UP-OCC Silver
Wire Geometry: Type 4 Litz
Insulation type: PVC
Length: 1.20 +/- 5cm
Available Plugs: audiohive AEC 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Balanced, 4.4mm Balanced
Available Connectors: audiohive Pure silver 0.78mm 2 pin, other pins available
*Customization available

Package includes:
1x Cable
1x Gray Storage Case

*Demo available

1 year limited local parts warranty
10-21 days fulfillment after order and payment.