FAQ / warranty

in event of product failure:-

do provide your order number and all relevant information in regards to the issue with the item for us to process your request. 

contact us via whatsapp/sms on 98894483 or email at sales@sgaudiohive.com for warranty/repair issues

warranty repairs will be performed in our workshop. either mail in the item, or arrange for an appointment where we will perform the repair on the spot (15-45mins)


all products and services EXCEPT used items are covered under limited warranty by sgaudiohive in the below categories:- 

what we cover:- 

  • workmanship defect

  • manufacturing(parts) defect/failure

  • wire breakage from connectors

  • loss of sound 1 or both sides without visible damage

what we DON'T cover:-

  • wire breakage 2mm away from connector or strain relief

  • wire sleeve breakage / tear

  • connectors/pins breaking inside iem socket / device jack

  • damage to iem socket

  • oxidation

  • choker breakage


category A - florea / iems

  • 6 months warranty coverage

  • 6 months discounted connector retemination/repair (same item)


category B - mellifera / laboriosa

  • 12 months warranty coverage

  • 12 months discounted connector retemination/repair (same item)


category C - repair / retermination / mods

  • 30 days  warranty coverage




disclaimer - you agree to the above conditions and that we have the final say in evaluating the warranty status. all cables/items are tested before sending out to end customers. we are not responsible for any accident caused by misuse or negligence, please practise caution and also common sense. do not charge and use your device while sleeping or talking on the phone. protect your hearing by listening at a comfortable volume, we are not responsible for any hearing damage due to spike in volume. we reserve the rights to change our warranty clause at any given time.