about us

sgaudiohive is a one-stop singapore based service provider for portable audio cables and repairs providing a wide range of cables and services for various kind of IEMs since 2012
our vision
at sgaudiohive, we aim to be the best provider of audio products and services for the mass market(read "mass") in singapore.
our mission
to create a non-intimidating channel and welcome new or potential hobbyist to try out good quality products, with the intention of introducing them to the wonderful world of audio.
our strategy
  • provide low priced product and services to encourage casual users to upgrade
  • educate new or casual hobbyist on benefits of investing in quality products
  • to discourage hobbyist from dwelling in the budget category and break away from the "buy, spoil, throw" cycle
  • develop quality mid tier market products to combat local taobao resellers
  • to continue to grow with our customers and to be able to keep up and meet their ever changing demands
our story
everything started by accident(literally) in 2007 when the first pair of headphone we owned broke down with a jack issue and was sent back for warranty. during the waiting period, we decided to learn cable/equipment repairs ourself in case such accident happens again. true enough, just 5 days later, our first jack repair was performed on the very same headphone. the incident which sparked our interest grew into equipment / cable building, and intorduced us into the audio world. 
since then, a seemingly one off project turned into a serious hobby, catering to friends and family, the local community, and now, the international community