connector guide

not sure what to choose? refer to our connector guide!

3.5mm basic:-

  • phones/tablets
  • mp3 players
  • daps
  • laptop/desktops
  • other audio devices
  • amps, portable amps

3.5mm hifiman trrs:-

  • hifiman balanced players
  • sony zxseries daps
  • other players/amps supporting 3.5mm balanced output

2.5mm ak trrs

  • ak balanced daps
  • onkyo dpx1
  • looto paw


  • shure iems
  • newer westone iems - w10, um10pro - w60, um50pro etc
  • "single dynamic" customs look alike from aliexpress, taobao, carousell
  • moxpad iems
  • senfer UE iems
  • JVC iems *please request for JVC cables as straight down wearing cables
  • other mmcx based iems
  • sony xba series iems may be able to use but not recommended

2 pin(recessed) fits both recessed and flat 2 pin iems

  • most customs/universals iems
  • older westone iems - um3x rc, westone 4r etc
  • heir audio, unique melody, noble audio universals
  • earsonics

fitear: - 

  • fitear iems
  • soranik iems

sony xba: - 

  • sony xba series iems

ie80: - 

  • sennheiser ie80, ie8

ath: - 

  • old gen audio technica ath series iems

tf10: - 

  • UE tf10, sf3pro, sf5pro, sf5eb
  • flc8, flc8s (inform us before hand that it is flc)

extruded 2pin:-

  • QDC, unique melody, UE customs