Morandi C - audiohive
Morandi C - audiohive

Morandi C - audiohive

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Sound Profile:
Loud warmish sound. Very good separation between the lows, mids and highs with an  accurate presentation of the different frequencies. 

Lows - Broad bass which is forward but not overly pronounced. Very good warm bass presence without overpowering the mids and highs.
Mids - Forward mids making the vocals more prominent and forward. Very good separation from the bass even with the warm presentation of the overall sound. Vocals are warmish and very soothing.
Highs - Highs are slightly laid back but are able to cut thru the frequencies even with the more forward mids.

Technical Specs:
Product Name: Morandi C (copper)
Brand: audiohive
Material: 25 wag 7N OCC Copper
Wire Geometry: Type 2 Litz
Insulation type: PVC
Length: 1.25 +/- 5cm
Available Plugs: AEC 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Balanced, 4.4mm Balanced
Available Connectors: 0.78mm 2pin, MMCX 
*Customization available

Package includes:
1x Cable
1x Grey Carrying Case

*Demo available

1 year limited local parts warranty
7-14 days shipping out after order and payment!