NEX series refresh! Do check them out

Hi all, its August again. Not many of our friends and customers knows that August 2015 was the time I decided to leave my previous job and dive into this full time. That makes it 4 years doing this full time and adding up to a grand total of 7 years of servicing for the community and 12 years of starting this audio journey. 

This journey felt so fast, but in fact, it is only the beginning of our next chapter. 

We started off doing this home based and travelling all around singapore every day for collection and delivery, to moving to a small table in the dirty and noisy Ubi workshop, to moving next door to our friendly audio shop(the best time of my life!) and back home and finally, to our fully equipped new studio workshop.

We as an entity, have grown in skills, knowledge and expertise all thanks to the wonder experience and community. Every new day is a new opportunity for learning and growth.

The new NEX series is the fruit of all the feedback regarding the older NEX series, albeit it was only launched in April but we are doing this change because we take your feedback very seriously! 

So then, do look forward to what we are going to bring to you in the coming weeks! We here at sgaudiohive thank you for the wonderful and continuous support. 



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