allegro - con brio
allegro - con brio

allegro - con brio


introducing the allegro con brio, the elder of the allegro series. 

"con brio - with spirit"

the con brio is a 3 balanced armature setup iem with a dedicated highs, mids and low driver. spirited, lively, the con brio is capable of a wide range of dynamics while the extended highs provides the basis for a fuller harmonics. the bass can be called upon when the piece requires it, but at the same time, shy away when its the time for the mids to shine.

all allegro iems comes equipped with standard earbuds, a hardwood case and paired with the acu24 24awg litz OFC copper cable

as with all our other products and services, the allegro series iems and cables are all crafted, assembled and finished in singapore. building time is 1-4 weeks after order and payment

we take our products with great pride, therefore we will be offering 1 year limited warranty for iems and cable.